January 7, 2014 at 10:36 am

DJ Polar Vortex: A Group Playlist for Ridiculously Cold Weather

dj polar vortex

Here's the NOAA's temperature map for this morning (see NOAA.gov for warnings for your area).

As hordes of technologists try to dig themselves out of a hangover in time for day two of the Consumer Electronics Show, those in the eastern two thirds of the country face a different challenge: a record-setting cold snap, as actual polar air has migrated there from the actual North Pole.

This so-called Polar Vortex is not only a freezing cold weather pattern for these regions; it’s also a great band name, as many have pointed out.

It’s also a perfectly workable DJ name, and so in the grand tradition of collaborative Evolver.fm playlists, we present DJ Polar Vortex, a collection of cold weather tunes generated by our editor in the hope that readers will continue to add to it (drag Spotify songs onto this playlist when you’re in the Spotify app, and they will appear on this page).

Note: We use and recommend many music apps and services here; we use Spotify for these because A) It’s easier than Toma.hk, which isn’t collaborative anyway, and B) At this point, out of the major subscription services, only Spotify’s collaborative playlists can be joined by anyone and offer full-track playback for free.

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    EVB: 8tracks would be even easier – you can create an account and share a password to make ‘em collaborative.