December 16, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Radionomy, TargetSpot Combine for One-Stop Music Broadcasting, Advertising


Radionomy, the online radio aggregator and ad network that impressed us with its ability to let people broadcast music online, has combined with TargetSpot, the largest digital audio advertising network in the world, to form a single, larger advertising network for helping advertisers reach listeners, music streamers earn revenue, musicians earn royalties, and music fans listen without paying.

The combination should give TargetSpot a lot more ads to sell, while bringing ad-supported, user(isn)-created music channels to a wider range of casual music listeners — and it could even help a few more people squeeze out a living by choosing music for other people.

Broadcasters on the Radionomy online radio network (music fans, artists, DJs, opinion leaders, comedians and “storytellers” — it’s bigger in Europe) will gain access to new markets. Meanwhile, TargetSpot’s and Radionomy’s combined ad network will give advertisers a way to reach music fans across all of that inventory, as it’s known in the biz.

Radionomy is much more than an advertising network – it is leading a revolution in online radio,” stated Leigh Newsome, co-CEO of TargetSpot. “Combining the technologies of both companies enables expanded monetization opportunities for both publishers and advertisers.”

“TargetSpot has developed the most advanced audio ad server in the world, offering advanced targeting on par with video and display,” added Radionomy Group CEO Alexandre Saboundjian. “Its expertise in building and scaling a large ad network makes them the perfect partner for Radionomy to create a truly unique global offering.”

Broadcasters on Radionomy, whether on their own or through a publisher, can choose whatever music they want to play (either from the online library or their own MP3s), with all SoundExchange royalties covered by Radionomy, in return for a cut of advertising revenue exceeding $5,000 per month for some individual broadcasters.

We’ve tested that system, and it worked pretty well. Radionomy has over 75 million listeners, whom advertisers can now reach by working with the combined company, which will be called TargetSpot, which is now part of the Radionomy Group.

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