November 19, 2013 at 3:24 pm

Exclusive Results From Shazam’s First Song Premiere

dj hardwell shazamShazam is always one of the most popular music apps, because tagging music with a smartphone unites a seemingly-unsolvable problem (“What song is that, out of all the 30-million-plus songs that have been recorded on planet earth?”) with the simple answer (“just hold up your phone, press a button, and it’ll tell you”).

Earlier this month, Shazam tried something new: premiering its first-ever song. The way it worked was a bit tricky. To get the song, “Dare You,” from top-voted DJ Hardwell (feat. Matthew Koma), fans had to go to YouTube and then use Shazam to tag the audio from a special 20-second video on Hardwell’s official YouTube channel. The Shazam app then granted the user access to the new single.

That’s a lot of hoops to leap through, considering that similar promotions (like this Daft Punk/Apple collab) merely ask that people go to iTunes from any number of blogs and click a play button.

However, what we are calling “The Patent Zero Effect” is ever more powerful. In these days of ubiquitous access to nearly everything, it capitalizes on that singular moment when a new piece of music (or other content) is available in one place, right before it is available everywhere.

This time, that place was within Shazam’s app.

So, how did this little stunt fare — of particular interest in light of the Patient Zero effect and the fact that this is the first time Shazam has ever tried something like this?

Shazam sent the following numbers over to

  • 17K Shazams in under 24 hours
  • The song teaser clip was watched over 100,000 times in under 24 hours.
  • The reveal clip was watched 25,000 times in under 24 hours.
  • Social reach in the many millions

These are small numbers considering that Shazam has been used by over 375 million people, driving one tenth of all digital music purchases worldwide, and adding 10 million new users each month.

But considering that to access this promotion, you had to be into DJ Hardwell, find out about the promotion, go to YouTube, and then tag it with Shazam on your smartphone, delivering this secret single to 17,000 DJ Hardwell fans in under 24 hours sounds like a good place to start for Shazam’s music exclusives strategy.

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