November 12, 2013 at 8:21 am

‘Enter The Dragon’ Announces Party Guests, Plays Their Entrance Music

Check the app stores, and you’ll find no shortage of ways to spin tunes at a party. This is the first we’ve seen that announces guests as they arrive over the sound system, and can even play their own special entrance music.

Guests tend to arrive at parties in staggered fashion, so the idea of having your sound system announce each one actually makes a lot of sense –not just in a “Hey, look at me, I have magic robots at my party!” sort of way, but also as an actually useful thing. Not only will everyone at the event know who just showed up, but they’ll have something to talk about when that person’s song plays.

Joe Goldbeck and Francesco Rossi built Enter The Dragon (audio demo below) in a 24-hour period at Music Hack Day Boston, where attendees voted it the most interesting app, and it received Rdio’s award for best use of its API. One of the neatest aspects of it is the variety with which people can choose their entrance music — a song, artist, playlist, or based on the emotional state of their Twitter account.

“In today’s world, everyone deserves a spectacular entrance,” reads their description. “And we intend to give it to them. Enter the Dragon uses bluetooth technology to detect when a user enters the room and plays their personalized entrance music. This can be a particular song, artist or ‘Entrance’ playlist on Rdio, a track on SoundCloud, or a specially chosen emotional song based on the mood in their Twitter profile and Echo Nest [publisher of] magic. Now, everyone can get what they deserve.”

We don’t have video for this one, and the hack isn’t available for the public as an app yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long until you can try this app at your own party.

We do have audio, but I was still sitting at the back at this point, and I type really loudly: