November 3, 2013 at 12:43 pm

SoundView Turns Movies into Beautiful Music

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – Out of the nearly 20 hacks we saw demonstrated at Music Hack Day Malmö this weekend, the most beautiful music to emanate from the stage came from an unlikely source: a movie.

The work of Jonas Stenberg and Ivar Boson, SoundView takes any video and slices it up into squares, then processes the color palate of the squares to send MIDI commands to Ableton Live.

The result: some really nice, soothing music that changes its chordal components based on the colors in the video. This could make for a really neat television app — just queue up some nature scenes, or maybe a sunset, and let SoundView go to town.

Currently available in code form (i.e. it has to compiled by a smart computer person before it works), SoundView could have real commercial potential for everything from in-store displays to digital photo frames for the home. Plus, it sounds great (and could be configured to make any kind of music, really):

YouTube Preview Image
  • reggie hall

    okay this is not my best pitcher but i can what the hack make music so stay tuned okay.

  • reggie hall

    beautiful music is great