November 3, 2013 at 11:51 am

PartySaver Promises a Better Music Experience for Your Next Houseparty

MALMÖ, SWEDEN – At every Music Hack Day, we tend to see at least a couple of party playlist apps that promise to let any attendee spin the tunes of their choice.

But for some hosts, part of the fun of throwing a party is that they — and only they — choose the music. It’s only fair. After all, they’re the ones who will have to rinse the champagne off the cat, replace any lampshades repurposed as headgear, and of course take out all that recycling.

Party hosts who’d like to retain control of the jams while still impressing everybody with their technology prowess should soon have a new option, courtesy of Music Hack Day Malmö. PartySaver, something of a retread from Music Hack Day Stockholm, lets the conscientious party-thrower play songs via Spotify on devices all over the house — an iPad, in the below video demonstration, but also, eventually, a television.

As the songs play, PartySaver displays images of whatever artist is playing on the iPad or television, and lists the name of the song so that your guests don’t have to ID the stuff they like, unless they want to. As its creators pointed out, PartySaver serves another purpose, if you’re in the habit of using Spotify on a television: potentially stopping the Spotify interface from burning into your screen.

There’s no public version of PartySaver yet, but we shot some (frustratingly blurry) video of the demo:

YouTube Preview Image