September 18, 2013 at 12:57 pm

Slacker Adds Songza-Style ‘My Vibe’ Playlists for iOS 7

slacker ios 7

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Like many app developers, Slacker has been eagerly awaiting this, the day of the unveiling of Apple iOS 7, which brings a sharp, flat new interface to Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, plus new multitasking features and other improvements and tweaks — around 200 of them, by Apple’s count.

Slacker’s overhaul for iOS 7, also released today, is more than cosmetic. The company has rebranded and reorganized its programmed stations as “My Vibe” (see screenshot), which provide music for certain situations, the way Songza’s “music concierge” does.

“Millions of songs and a search box isn’t a great listening experience – it’s work,” said Slacker chief product officer John Hayase. “Slacker’s team of passionate music curators has spent years creating hundreds of stations, countdowns, original programming and playlists to take the effort out of finding great music. And our new app for iOS 7 has been completely rebuilt to connect our users to the best listening experience anywhere, faster and easier than ever.”

Slacker, which launched out of stealth mode in 2007, began as a standalone device before finding a larger audience on the smartphone.

Songza, with over 4.8 million users each month, has shown that there’s a healthy demand for the sort of activity-oriented stations Slacker rolled out today as “My Vibe.”

In order to use the new version, users of the free, ad-supported Slacker or one of its many subscription options need to install iOS 7, which Apple is rolling out today, and then grab the new Slacker app.