September 17, 2013 at 4:40 pm

GMusic Will Access Google Play Music from iOS 7

We’re waiting to check out Apple’s iTunes Radio, slated to roll out tomorrow as part of iOS 7, but we’ve been hearing quite a bit from app developers about how their apps will work with the new operating system for iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads.

But we already know one thing about iOS 7: the gMusic iOS app, for accessing the Google Play storage locker (free) and subscription service ($10/month) from Apple’s devices in a neat bit of cross-platform voodoo, will still work on iOS 7. In fact, developer James Clancey has given it a complete overhaul, as the below screenshots indicate.

When we asked Google Play Music product manager Paul Joyce whether it would be okay for an iOS app to access Google Play, he initially indicated that it might not be.

Likewise, it’s interesting that Apple approved gMusic in the first place, given that Android is the biggest competitor to iOS, and that Apple doesn’t offer a locker+subscription service, the way Google does.

Still, it appears that the odd case of gMusic uniting iOS and Google Play Music All Access will persist in the days of iOS 7. We have the app, and Clancey sent over the below screenshots of gMusic working on iOS 7. So if you want to use Apple’s smartphone, tablet, and or portable media player to access all the stuff in your Google Play account, you should still be able to do so after upgrading to iOS 7.

Not only that, but it looks good too:

  • Brendan Graetz

    Great! Updating to IOS7 now so i can test this out – i love google music – and the old app was very “clunky” i have been waiting for an official app from google – but this re-designed one looks great! can’t wait to test drive it