August 30, 2013 at 4:26 pm

Brilliant Android App Adjusts Music Volume to Car Speed

speed of sound driving android appOne reason a music fan might want an expensive car is that many of them adjust the music volume automatically based on the speed of the car. That way, when you accelerate to 75 m.p.h. on the highway, your music gets louder to compete with the wind, road, and engine noise. After exiting, you can dawdle through a parking lot in peace without suffering from that same high volume, or having to turn the stereo down, every, single, time.

Technology is largely about democratization, which is why futurist Peter Diamandis says, “a Masai warrior on a mobile phone in the middle of Kenya has better mobile communications than the president did 25 years ago. If he’s on a smart phone using Google, he has access to more information than the U.S. president did just 15 years ago.”

If you have an Android and a car, whether or not you are a Masai warrior, the Speed of Sound app (free) lets you add speed-sensitive volume to your car’s music, that’s actually better than the version found in luxury automobiles, for two reasons:

1. This app lets you customize how loud it gets, and when, whereas a luxury car typically has only one setting for this:


2. This app affects all of the music you play on your Android, meaning that it will work with Rdio, Rhapsody, Spotify, local files, Pandora, iHeartRadio, or whatever else you prefer to listen to. (We suspect that this is why Speed of Sound is for Android but not iOS, which is stricter about letting one app control another).

Okay, your luxury car might be able to do that second one too, via the aux-in, but still, there’s something nice about taking care of it all in the same place. One nice aspect of that: If you scrobble to, Speed of Sound can then show you what you listened to where, on a map.

However, there is one caveat, and it’s a big one: This app eats battery life like crazy. A recent update apparently helped with that a bit, but still, developer CodeChunk recommends only using it with your Android plugged into your car’s charger. Still, a car charger costs way less than a luxury car.