August 22, 2013 at 11:52 am

Timbre Gets Better at Helping Lazy Music Fans See More Shows

timbre 2If you don’t see as many shows as you used to, and you want to change that, you have a number of options at your disposal, many of which, like Songkick, rely on your music collection or listening behavior to recommend shows that you’d probably want to see.

We’re not saying Timbre should replace all other sources of information about live music, but we will say this: Nothing we’ve seen makes it this easy to use your ears to find music to see live, wherever you happen to be on the globe.

The main thing we like about Timbre is that it’s a play button with a purpose; simply fire up the app and start hearing music by the bands playing shows soon in your city, town, or hamlet, or in the surrounding area.

Timbre for iOS and now Android too just added a slew of new features for its new version 2.0 for iOS that make the app even more effective as a tool for live music discovery (otherwise known as putting down those headphones, leaving the house, and going to see music with other human beings):

  • If you subscribe to Spotify, you can now toggle Timbre to play full songs there instead of 90-second iTunes samples;
  • Facebook integration so you can let your friends know when you’re seeing something, and see what they’re going to see (if they use Timbre too);
  • “Concert bookmarking to save favorite shows displayed beautifully in parallax;”
  • Alerts and notifications when one of your favorite band is going to play near you;
  • More detailed concert information (from SeatGeek), including a venue map for getting directions.  

The parallax design, which anticipates Apple’s as-yet-unreleased iOS 7 revamp, is particularly nice, as is the overall design of this app. Best of all, for those of us who are extremely lazy or have no time: You can set the songs to autoplay. It doesn’t get much easier than an app that straight-up plays you music that’s coming to your area without you doing much of anything. After all, your phone’s supposed to work for you, not the other way around.

  • Nine Local

    I love Timbre! But the problem is, like with ALL live music discovery apps, incomplete and inaccurate data can be found on the app daily… cancelled shows, broken ticket links, time changes, venue changes, lineup changes, sold out shows, wrong day, wrong venue… the list goes on.