August 15, 2013 at 10:21 am

Report: Four Of Five Americans with Phones Don’t Use Them for Getting Music Yet


The iPhone descended from the iPod.

All other smartphones worth using descended from the iPhone.

As such, and considering that smartphones are way better music players than the iPod ever was, we might expect the majority of smartphone users to have figured out that they can play music on them, and to do so. However, the vast majority of phone-having Americans don’t stream or download music over their data plans.

In a somewhat confusing study (people are taking it to mean that only one in five Americans use their phones for music), eMarketers has determined that one in five American phone owners will use their phones to get music by the end of 2013.

The study is confusing because it doesn’t ignores people who “sideload” music files from their computers to their smartphones via WiFi or USB cable, as they used to do with the iPod, and many still do today. Instead, the study only includes over-the-air downloads and streams to mobile apps.

Still, the below numbers do mean something: phones, and not computers, are the new entertainment hub.


The number of mobile phone listeners is on a major upswing, and eMarketer expects that to continue. By 2017, the firm expects about 108 million Americans to download or stream music directly to their phones at least once per month, which is over a third of our current population.

(via Digital Music News; top image via Flickr/RafeB)