July 2, 2013 at 1:39 pm

Spotify Adds ‘Discover,’ Playlist Editing to iOS

Spotify's Discover Feature for iOS

Taken from iOS App

Spotify has released an update to their iOS app (0.7.1) which adds new functionalities previously only available on the desktop client, such as the popular Discover feature; a makeover to Now Playing; and the ability to edit playlists on the phone.

Falling in line with recent updates to other apps like Rdio, Spotify now offers users the ability to find new music to hear based on a single song. The announcement asks, “Ever find yourself wondering what to play on Spotify?” Now, you’ll have another answer to that question: suggestions based on any song on the service.

Some users (in comments) lament that the “What’s New” tab has been removed from this latest iOS version. It had already been removed from the latest desktop version.

Now Playing also gets a refresh, plus new features including an Up Next queue, which shows what you’re going to hear next (unless you take action). Finally, we really appreciate the addition of on-the-go playlist editing, which means you no longer need to retreat to the desktop to craft Spotify playlists.

Spotify says these features will roll out to Spotify’s other mobile platforms soon. Those are Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone.

Spotify’s blog post contains a few shreds of additional detail, one of them fictitious: that Spotify shares 73 percent of its DNA with bees.

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    Not to mention a new iOS icon!