June 25, 2013 at 3:04 pm

‘The Office Turntable’ Is Brilliant Gimmickry

office record player iphoneRecord labels used to do almost anything to get their releases noticed. When I was a college radio DJ, our station once received a CD in a bag of dirt, so it would stand out next to the stack of padded manilla envelopes.

Today, labels and other music owners face a similar challenge in getting noticed by the big ad agencies — a welcome source of revenue (in addition to television placements).

To get noticed, Kontor Records (with the help of public relations agency Ogilvy Deutschland) chose not a bag of dirt, but an actual vinyl record, along with a player. Sort of.

Observe, as advertising executives open the vinyl, fold its box into a fake record player, and then place their iPhones onto the cardboard in order to “play” the records:

YouTube Preview Image

Kontor Records’ “The Office Turntable” recently won a Cannes Lion award for best use of audio in a media product. As mentioned in the video, the response from ad directors was quite positive indeed, which is a good thing, because otherwise this thing would have been a big waste of money:

71% of the 900 Turntable QR codes were activated. That’s 64% more than the average response. We also got a lot of great feedback – from some of the industry’s most important people.

42% followed the link to the Kontor Online Store

It’s an intriguing promotion, even though, of course, the “analog” piece of the puzzle is largely for show. If someone could devise a way to turn an iPhone into a vinyl stylus (with or without a little car to drive it around), we have a feeling it would be a winner: all the fun and hipness of vinyl without, you know, that bulky record player and its weird output.

(Thanks, Rob)

  • Brian ONeal

    that is a good idea.

  • http://about.me/yairyona Yair Yona

    Insanly brilliant idea

  • Ceptic

    …have to agree its an amazing promo work! but… does it really plays the record?! Or just gets the content from the web and plays a digital audio file! If so, whats the pois of “attaching” a huge cardboard to na iphone to listen when the music can be played by the iphone only?