June 25, 2013 at 3:30 pm

Bargain Alert: Arpeggionome for iPhone Is Free Today

The great thing about app developers trying to become popular in the iTunes App Store by dropping their prices is that those price drops are real. If your timing is right, you can save a bundle on music apps –and the developer doesn’t mind, because in the process, you’re just making their app more popular, so that they can then switch the price back to where it was and capitalize on the sudden surge in popularity that came from the price drop.

Today, Arpeggionome for iPhone is free in iTunes (we’ve seen it cost $3-$5 in the past). This app lets you make music on a grid, sort of like Monome. For more information on why you might want it, check out our exclusive interview with its creator, who rode this thing all the way from a Music Hack Day to #8 in the music app section of the iTunes App Store. (The “pro” iPad version still costs $15 today.)

Here’s Arpeggionome for iPhone controlling the Animoog app:

YouTube Preview Image

Bargain Alert: Arpeggionome for iPhone is free.

  • http://www.dadako.com hawken

    Oddly, this is not available on the Japanese store… ?

  • fred

    yes it is