June 17, 2013 at 12:32 pm

Bargain Alerts: Google Music, Concert Tickets, AutoRap, More

digital music bargain

A penny saved is a penny earned. We’ve spotted some digital music bargains:

Google Music Subscription

If you sign up for Google Play Music All Access before June 30 (about two weeks from now), you can lock in your subscription at $8/month — a two-dollar-per-month savings over any other unlimited music subscription.

StubHub Concert Tickets

Event ticketing exchange StubHub recently added a new “Price Alerts” feature that lets you specify what you’re willing to pay a scalper reseller fellow music fan for a particular concert ticket. If someone appears online with a ticket that matches your bid, the app sends you an iOS notification, so you can pounce — hopefully before someone else beats you to it.


If you say anything into AutoRap for iOS, it gets turned into rap music. This is no hocus-pocus; it comes from Smule, which knows a thing or two about making music apps that turn average people into musicians. For a limited time, AutoRap, usually $3, is free.

Sony Music Unlimited

On June 12, at the E3 videogame conference, Sony announced a special pricing promotion for music-loving PS3 owners. Members of the PlayStation Plus club can lock in Sony’s unlimited music service for $42 per year year (65 percent off). Non-members who own PlayStation 3s can pay $60 for the year — in other words, $5 per month. There’s no word on when this promotion ends.

“Through deals like this, the Music Unlimited service continues to target its PlayStation installed base, bringing more value to the PlayStation 3 home entertainment system,” a Sony spokeswoman told Evolver.fm.


We have written many, many articles about Audiobus, because what it does is so neat: It’s basically an audio cable for music-making apps, so you can, for example, play a piano in one app, add effects to it in another, and then output it into a third to record it. Audiobus usually costs $10, but right now it’s half-off (iOS).

Björk Solstice

Leave it to Björk and her “cöhorts” to turn a poem that likens our solar system to a Christmas tree into a song that is also an app. Right now, it’s free (iOS).

Are you an app developer or music service with a bargain? Let us know.

(Photo: Flickr/Sebastien Barre)