June 13, 2013 at 7:59 pm

How To Use RSS to Hear Music in a Post-Google-Reader World

In today’s fragmented music landscape, music fans tend to develop our own techniques for finding new music. For those who like to follow music blogs, the humble, old-school RSS format still makes a lot of sense, because it lets you keep tabs on a multitude of music blogs without working your way through a legion of browser tabs.

Google plans to end support for its popular Google Reader on July 1, citing a decline in use as the reason for calling it quits. People no longer reserve a specific time in their day for reading news via RSS — instead, news stories come at us from all angles, all day long.

This leaves music fans who rely on Google Reader to burn through music blog posts via RSS in one big batch — or who would like to try that technique — in the lurch, especially because many of the other popular RSS readers out there actually rely on the Google Reader API, and that is getting phased out too.

Today, Feedly is the best option, which is probably why it added three million users in the wake of the Google Reader shutdown. Here’s how you can use it to keep up with music blogs efficiently in a post-Google Reader world.

Once you make these discoveries, of course, you’re on your own on how to collect them using your weapon of choice (iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, MOG, Google, Amazon, Bit Torrent, or whatever), but at least you’ll know what to look for, courtesy of music blogs and the efficiency of RSS:

1. Install Feedly

Go to Feedly.com and download the right program for your web browser.

2. Add Content

On the upper left the mainly Feedly page, click the ‘Add Content’ link.

Now, type something into the search bar at the upper right — “music,” your favorite genre, the name of your favorite band, or the name of a music blog you want to follow:

Once you’ve found the music blog you’re looking for (or maybe just one that looks interesting), add it to Feedly by clicking the ‘plus’ symbols next to a given source. We’re using Evolver.fm as an example; sorry about the meta-ness:

Another way to add blogs: Just look for the little Feedly icon that will now appear whenever you look at a blog that has RSS. Hey, look, Evolver.fm has RSS! Here’s what it looks like to subscribe to that feed in Feedly:

You can also add RSS feeds to Feedly by finding the RSS icon on a website’s page, grabbing the URL, and adding that to Feedly:

Once you’ve copied the link address from the RSS feed, paste it in the Feedly search bar:

And now you have a Feedly prepped and ready to provide you with a never ending feed of music. Happy discovering:

  • Adam Pearce

    Any chance of a full text rss feed from evolver.fm?