May 24, 2013 at 2:31 pm

Artiphon, Super-Interesting iPhone Instrument, Accepts Reservations (Video)



Last November, we got all hot and bothered about Artiphon, which promises an oasis of quality construction in a desert of poorly-designed plastic things that attach to iPhones. Like the gTar, it’s a musical instrument that uses an iPhone as its brain. However, instead of modeling itself after a guitar, Artiphone is a whole different animal, designed from the ground up as a new instrument.

It wasn’t a mirage, either — Artiphon let us know that it is now accepting “reservations” from people who want to pre-order the device. It won’t come cheap, and in fact, no price has been released to date, other than a promise from Artiphone founder Dr. Mike Butera that it will cost under a thousand bucks.

Update: Artiphon PR and market strategist Jacob Gordon tells that Artiphone will cost $799. Also, the $10 from the pre-order will take $20 off the price.

This year we are launching a new category of musical instrument. By bringing together traditional craftsmanship with the innovations of the iOS platform, our professional multi-instrument presents a new set of creative possibilities for performance, composition, and recording…

We are now taking a limited number of reservations for our first production run of hand-crafted instruments. For a small deposit you can reserve an INSTRUMENT 1 in your name, ensuring advance notice of the on-sale date and the option to purchase ahead of the general public. Reservations are open now at

They’re calling this a “reservation” because that’s what it is, as opposed to a pre-order. A reservation costs $10.

Observe, as a person we imagine to be Dr. Butera himself records an entire song using Artiphon and Apple’s GarageBand app, demonstrating the multiple configurations of this ridiculously nifty object:

YouTube Preview Image