May 20, 2013 at 4:12 pm

Daytrotter Adds Direct Artist Payment to Music Subscription


When new members sign up for Daytrotter, they can enter the name of any band to have $5 of their annual subscription go directly to that band.

Well, this isn’t going to change the world, but it sounds like a step in the right direction.

DayTrotter, the original music subscription that creates scarcity in a digital world by making about a hundred new, unique music videos each month, recently announced a twist on the idea of subscribing to music (a big deal, with so many artists complaining about subscriptions).

If you pay for Daytrotter ($32/year for everything mentioned here), the company will donate $5 of that to any artist you choose. It’s not a direct artist subscription app or even this funky direct subscription idea, but it is a weird new way to pay artists directly, if those artists have recorded a Daytrotter session (and, frankly, if your favorite band hasn’t recorded one, you might not want to join anyway).

“New annual members to Daytrotter can select a band to designate $5 of their annual fee to,” emailed Daytrotter’s Sean Moeller. “On the purchase page, all they have to do is write the band’s name in a box (which will auto-fill the band name as they continue typing – making the process as quick and easy as possible) located right before they confirm. Bands can choose to have the money go directly to them, to a charity or use this feature to help raise money for a tour or wherever else they could use the help.”

If you’re already going to sign up for Daytrotter anyway, you might as well direct a few bucks of that towards your favorite artist. If 200 of their fans were to do so, that would total another $1,000 per year to keep them afloat.