May 17, 2013 at 5:18 pm

This Unreleased iOS App Puts Google’s Music Subscription on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


We played this album from Google's All Access music subscription using an as-yet-unreleased iOS app. How will Google react?

Google’s new music subscription service, Google Play Music All Access, lacks an official iOS app, which comes as no surprise. Google and Apple are hardly “besties” when it comes to digital music or smartphone platforms.

However, has learned that an iOS app called gMusic, which is already capable of playing music from a Google Play locker on iOS is about to add support for All Access files, which would make Google’s music subscription available on iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Update: Apple has approved the app, so you can use it now too.

We just tested an unreleased beta version, and it works. Assuming Apple approves the app, you, too, will be able to play Google’s subscription music on an iPhone or any other iOS device.

Given that this is one of the major “cons” of Google Play Music All Access, one could almost imagine Google as happy to see its potential subscriber base (approximately) double without it having to build (gulp) an iOS app. “IOS vs. Android” being the acrimonious battle that it is, of course, no such luck.

When we asked Google product manager Paul Joyce how Google would react to an iOS port of its music subscription, he said that an app like that would violate Google’s terms of service, and that the company would reach out to the developer and ask them to take it down. A Google spokeswoman later sent over a clarified response: “It’s hard to comment on someone else’s app without seeing it and understanding what it does in detail. That said, our system really isn’t built or optimized for third-party apps right now.”

Looking over Google’s API terms of service and the developers’ page for Google Play, we’re not seeing anything that would appear to bar an iOS app from accessing Google Play Music All Access files, although we could be missing something. It’s possible that Google’s official policy on how to treat iOS developers who build Google Play apps hasn’t yet solidified. (Google offers plenty of help, after all, for iOS developers who want to integrate Google Maps or YouTube.)

Clancey tells us he’s submitting gMusic to iTunes this weekend, after adding features for creating radio stations and adding music to your library from the All Access catalog (currently, you need to add music in your computer browser before you can access it on gMusic for iOS). If Apple approves it, we should find out pretty soon whether or not Google is cool with iOS people using its new music subscription.

  • Cloudplayapp

    Cloud Play, a new app on the app on the App Store, is awaiting approval for an update to include “All Access” music. Check it out:

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