May 10, 2013 at 11:02 am

What About The App of Geddy Lee?

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What about the app of Geddy Lee

Well, here’s what: His band, Rush, has an app called Rush, published by band’s label and management company The Anthem Group, Inc., which makes Rush apps for Rush fans.

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Jukio, formerly Anthm, is back in ITunes following a a dust-up with the band Rush.

In the other corner, we have Anthm, a nifty, free iOS app we wrote about two Februaries ago, which was apparently deleted from the iTunes app store at the behest of The Anthem Group, due to its similarity with the name “Anthm.” Now, the app back in iTunes with a new name, Jukio, and the ability to play songs from Spotify in addition to Rdio.

The process didn’t exactly convert them into Rush fans.

“First and foremost, after months of unexpected downtime due to some curmudgeonly Canadians’ silly Apple-bullying revolving around our (former) name, Anthm, we need to get something off our chests… Rush sucks,” reads Jukio’s announcement of its return.

Adding insult to injury, Jukio’s Ben Myers told, Rush’s management company ousted Anthm from iTunes on nothing other than Canada Day.

In addition to rebranding itself at the behest of a band its developers now do not prefer, the new Jukio app adds some clever new features to its music party app — the main selling point of which is that only the person running the main Jukio app has to pay for Rdio or Spotify (both of which require premium accounts for mobile playback).

Everyone else simply installs the app, looks for the party, and requests any song they want to add to the party playlist queue, without paying a cent.

The new features:

Spotify + Rdio = Twice as Nice
In addition to hosting with Rdio, perhaps our biggest new feature in Jukio is the ability to host your Parties using Spotify. Simply choose Spotify when creating your Party, and friends in your location will be able to browse, request, and vote from their massive 18 million song catalog. As always, only the Party Host needs an Rdio or Spotify account, so you can put all that music right at your guests’ fingertips, without ever requiring them to log in.

Requests Reimagined
Finding the perfect song to request in Jukio is now easier than ever. No more endless searching, you can now browse Rdio and Spotify’s Heavy Rotation without ever logging in. If you do choose to log in, you’ll be able to browse your Rdio Collection, Playlists, and both personal and network-wide Heavy Rotations. The perfect party tool just got better. 

Background + Airplay
Turn off your screen, we dare you. Our iOS app now supports background play, and can stream to your Airplay-enabled speakers [like these]. No more leaving your iPhone plugged into speakers while your friends have all the fun- Airplay frees you up to Host your Party while you mingle.

Upcoming features include “Listen With,” which will let you listen in on any Jukio party in the world — even if you’re not there, or even in the vicinity. It’s like being a fly on the wall of a party in another dimension. Or something.

Second, Myers and co. are working on an HTML5 version of, which should allow it to work with Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Mac, and PC.

We’ve asked Anthem Entertainment Group for a comment about all of this, because we understand the need to protect trademarks, and hope to have their response soon.

Download Jukio for iOS

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Serjao Carvalho

  • sleepcountry

    I just had to give props for the headline.

    I was quoting that Pavement song all night when my friend and I were driving up to Red Deer for the Rush concert.