May 8, 2013 at 11:55 am

‘Most Wanted’ Music Apps (Round Four)

evolver untapped apps round 4We really like music apps, but some of them don’t exist, which is annoying.

That’s okay. Along with some of our readers, has been not-so-quietly inventing our own music apps out of thin air (this being a particularly good one), then posting the ideas in polls so people can vote on which ones they’d like to see made.

Here are the results of the previous editions:

And here are the official results of Untapped Apps Round Four, for which voting has now closed:

Must Listen: We have more ways to find new releases than we know what to do with. Recommendations come at us from all angles — but then when we have time to sit down and give something a good listen, it can be tough to remember any of it. I used to keep a text file of all that stuff, but there’s a better way. The Must Listen app for all smartphone platforms and the web would let me add new albums to a list from whatever device I was using — or by simply tagging a song with a Shazam-like feature. Then, it would use Tomahawk to let me listen to all of that stuff using whatever music service or site gets it first. Of course, regardless of which platform I used to listen, it would save my place and always start up with the next song, and offer the option to add the albums I like to my collection on any service. (Eliot Van Buskirk)

(We’re excited that this one won because collecting music is brutal these days.)

Block Party Time: This app would synchronize music played from various devices (home stereos, smart phones, cars etc.) via Spotify and Soundrop. It would be a DIY way to arrange a widespread sound system for block parties and other situations. The app could also be done in a way that there would be one host, whose sound output would master the sound output of devices connected to it (in a similar way than in Inhuman Microphone app). This way the host device could be used for MCing. (Otso Kaijaluoto)

(Something like this has appeared on the scene in Speakerfy.)

MapMe: See what songs people are listening in real-time on a map interface and comment on it. Like Google Maps, ballons with user information and song plays would appear on the map. You’d also be able to find people with similar music tastes in your area. (Paris Hill)

(This is sort of like TunaSpot.)

Spotify YouTube Synchronizer: This app would synchronize selected music from Spotify to videos posted in YouTube. For non-iPhone and iPad use, the app would have basic controls for adjusting the volume of the Spotify track playing together with other sounds on the video. It would be a legal way to add your favourite music to your videos. (Otso Kaijaluoto)

DeathBomb: Create as many playlists as you want in this app, and enter the names of the people you want to hear them in the event of your passing. This idea was inspired by Songza’s recreation of Steve Jobs’ iPod as a streaming radio station. (Eliot Van Buskirk)

Fartify: This app for all platforms would take any song and turn the main melody line into the sound of flatulence. (Anonymous)

Rockabye-bye: For the parental set, this app would record parents singing their kids favorite bedtime songs and nursery rhymes, as well as reading bedtime stories, with synched illustrations. That way, when they’re on a business trip or working late at the office, their brood can stay entertained at bedtime. It could also be administered by babysitters. (John Van Buskirk)

The Anti-Rap Thinkifier: I need a general plug-in for Mac and Windows that blocks all rap music from all sources during business hours. I like plenty of rap, but it takes over the words part of my brain when I’m trying to write. (Eliot Van Buskirk)

Collection Checklist: My app idea is to have your iTunes library.html available in browsable form. Then if you hear/hear of a song you can check to see if you already have it, even if it isn’t loaded on your music player. (David Lawrence)

Do you have a good idea for a music app that nobody has made yet? Let us know, and we’ll probably include it in the next round of voting — and when we post the results, we’ll post a link to your Twitter or whatever.