April 28, 2013 at 4:09 pm

Discover Music Through TV Shows You Like

curation station tvhacknext

Although it was designed to help the people who put music into television shows find more tunes to match the mood of their show, Curation Station, one of the hacks to emerge from TVnext Hack 2013 this weekend, also works just fine as a method for extending your taste from television to music.

Simply enter the name of a television show, and this web app mines Rdio and Watchwith to figure out what songs have appeared on that show. Then it analyzes their attributes using The Echo Nest’s API. (Curation Station is the work of music hack day hall-of-famer Paul Lamere, director of development for our publisher The Echo Nest.)

Once Curation Station understands the musical tendencies of the show, it can extrapolate them out to everything on Rdio, finding all of the music that would fit on that particular show. Then, you can tweak the above-pictured chart in all kinds of ways, perhaps most interestingly for music supervisors, by familiarity, so if they have a big budget they can try to license a big hit that fits the mood, or a find a less familiar artist to fit a smaller budget. Oh, and you can listen to every dot on the graph instantly, so this is a full-fledged music player too (with full tracks if you subscribe to Rdio).

Music supervisors could find this interesting, quite obviously, but if you love a show (or the mood of that show), this could be a fun way to check out new music using an entirely new starting point.

Wait, so now you can watch television and still feel productive, because you’re looking for shows that can improve your music collection? Whatever helps you get through the day.

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