April 24, 2013 at 8:28 am

Belgians Turn Song into Beautiful HTML5 Toy

belgian html5 beautiful

You might not have heard of the Belgian band, Amatorski. Neither had we, but The Guardian UK called them “the best Belgian act around,” which counts for something — as does the fact that their music sounds pretty great (even after playing this on repeat).

Most of all, we’re impressed by their Deleting Borders project, an interactive HTML5 collaboration with design shop We Work We Play that lets you import photos from your Facebook and incorporate them into the song. That’s neat, but the best part is the HTML5 remixing tool that lets you re-jigger the song by clicking your mouse or tapping the screen of your smart device, creating kaleidoscopic, origami-like shapes that dictate how the music sounds.

It’s tough to explain, but you’ll get it if you try it, which you should, because it’s great.

“The online portion includes an embedded MIDI sequencer which is laid overtop of the visitor’s custom image (uploaded via Facebook),” explained band spokesman Jon Ostrow via email. “Clicking onto the photo creates a very cool cubic overlay, which also programs the embedded sequencer, giving the user an opportunity to create their own song using samples of the band’s music.”

As if that weren’t already incredibly neat, that’s not the end of this project. The band intends to showcase these fan-generated HTML5 things as live visuals at two shows, in Antwerp on April 18 and in Amsterdam on April 24.

Deleting Borders

As artists we feel that the internet is a powerful medium
because the internet is deleting borders.
Borders between you and us, between audience and artist
You will create music and visuals together with us.Borders between art disciplines
Music, visual art, web art, they will all merge together.Borders between online and offline
Virtual experiences, but also live performances

Borders between countries and nations
We live in one global village,
music can spread over all cities, countries, and continents.

Join our journey and spread our ideas,
sounds and visions over the world.

with love,


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