April 23, 2013 at 10:41 am

Twitter #Music Is Already Most Popular Music App in iTunes

Five days after it was released, Twitter #Music is the most popular free music app in Apple’s iTunes app store.

It’s now the sixth-most-popular free app overall, beating out Spotify at number 19:

twitter music itunes

Twitter #Music’s main feature is a popularity chart, so it’s fitting that the app itself is also charting well, so far anyway. Only Twitter’s own video sharing app, Vine, and a few of the perennially-mega-popular iOS games rank higher — indicating that Twitter #Music really will make a dent in the app market, and validating the category of apps that are designed from the ground up for discovering music, as opposed to just listening to it.

Twitter #Music is also available for the web, in addition to iOS. Twitter says there’s no Android version “yet,” indicating that one is in the works.

We’ve been all over Twitter #Music these past few days, so for more on this…