April 23, 2013 at 2:37 pm

‘Brutalize Me’ Transforms Justin Bieber’s Dulcet Tones into Death Metal Growl (Updated)

justin bieber heavy metal app brutalize me

Image courtesy of 'Brutalize Me'

We have already established that music apps can be brutal in the heavy metal sense of the term, but nothing prepared us for the brutality of an app that “destroys” pop music, including that of teen pop sensation Justin Bieber, by turning the vocals into a death metal-style growl.

Sadly, there is no public version of Brutalize Me, which emerged from Music Hack Day Paris this past weekend, at this point.

Happily, you can hear the havoc it wrought on Bieber’s “Baby” in the audio clip below. It is quite brutal indeed — especially the part about “baby, baby, baby, aaaaah.”

First the official description:

Do you hate Justin Bieber or pop music in general? Here is your chance at revenge! This hack takes an audio file, it extracts the voice and manipulates it using our algorithm. There are two levels of “brutalness”: light and ‘dead’ly. The output voice can be inserted to the original instrumental part or either the instrumental part from a real death metal piece.

And here, at last, is the delightful result of this little slice of music app mayhem:

4/26 Update: The team behind this has now brutalized a Taylor Swift song too:

(Image courtesy of Brutalize Me; this app uses APIs from 7Digital, SoundCloud, and The Echo Nest, which publishes Evolver.fm.)

  • Anonymous

    lame. Even lamer than the “music” satirised.