April 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm

Amazing: Photograph a Thing to Hear a Song About It


Apparently, it is possible to cobble together some APIs over the weekend to make an iOS app that takes a picture of an object, then plays a song about that object.

That is precisely what Martino Bonfiglioli and Christian Zanin (both of musiXMatch) did at Music Hack Day Paris this past weekend. Their creation, Camera Lyrics, is only available in demo form at the moment, but you can watch it in action here:

YouTube Preview Image

How does it do that?

Camera Lyrics analyzes the object in the photo using  IQ Engines’ image recognition API, then searches musiXMatch for lyrics from that song, and then plays the song on Deezer, a popular music service not yet available in the United States.

Bonfiglioli told Evolver.fm that this bit of magic is just a hack for now, but that it “would be nice” to release it commercially in iTunes as “a new way to discover music.”

Hopefully, this will become a real app because A) It’s well on it’s way, B) it looks really cool, and C) we would totally use this as a party trick front-end to Rdio or Spotify — and every time we did that, an artist would get paid a little bit.

In related news, you can take a picture of an album with your phone to add it to your MOG.

(Image captured from demo video)