April 1, 2013 at 5:31 pm

BandPage Helps Artists Sell ‘Experiences’ to Earn Money On The Side

BandPage Experiences

BandPage began as an insanely popular tool that bands could use to connect with fans (and vice versa) on Facebook, but now, it’s also a standalone Thing Of Its Own. The latest version lets fans do something new: buy BandPage Experiences, which are one-of-a-kind experiences with their favorite musicians [ed. note: the kind you might see on Kickstarter) — online guitar and drum lessons, personal hangouts, VIP access, and more.

The web and apps offer great promise for letting fans and artists talk to each other without the usual obstacles (see Twitter), and of course there’s no shortage of artist-specific apps with the usual news, show dates, merchandise, photos, videos, and stuff fans can find anywhere Google or Bing might take them. Artist apps on Spotify are another interesting development, but none of these sets out specifically to let fans buy the ability to hang out with an artist — like, direct artist-fan contact.

BandPage Experiences bridges this gap by allowing artists to choose an experience and set a price themselves. The artist’s ideas of what to offer get wacky. To give you a sense of the range, we saw Wild Child offer to prank call your friends for $15, while The Residents offered their Ultimate Box Set (it’s in a refrigerator) for $100,000.

While the money doesn’t necessarily go towards a specific project, BandPage Experiences gives fans the chance to monetarily support their favorite musicians, much like Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter campaign did last year.

The Experiences feature is only available to select musicians. In the coming months, it will be available for any artist who uses BandPage, but you might already recognize some names:

Judging from its humble-but-promising launch, we’re definitely excited to see more artists taking BandPage up on these Experiences, because it appears to be a win for everyone (other than fans who are secretly terrified of meeting their heroes)