March 25, 2013 at 11:14 am

Watch Spotify’s Television Ad Before It Airs

Spotify will air a new television advertisement created by the Droga5 advertising firm, has confirmed. This is the first time the company has officially employed an outside advertising firm.

“We are Spotify,” reads the tagline, “And we are for music.”

The spot will air Monday night during The Voice on NBC, but you can check it out here now:

YouTube Preview Image

TechCrunch claims that in the early days, Spotify declined to engage in marketing — but that was before it became a global brand that could reach a billion dollars in revenue this year. Its first ever television ad appeared in Sweden in 2009. We believe this is the first time a televised Spotify ad has appeared in the United States, where Spotify launched in July 2011.

Droga5, which created the ad, also works for Coca-Cola, a Spotify partner.

Notably, the song includes a quote from The Beatles’ “I Am The Walrus” (thanks, J), which is not on Spotify or any other streaming service (although it is on YouTube). Could this be a sign that Spotify is closing in on that elusive prize: The Beatles catalog? It’s doubtful, although that could explain what might otherwise be an odd decision to highlight one of the only major bands that is not represented on subscription services.

  • Dooby

    That is one fo the worst ads I’ve ever seen. some douchebag totally got promoted because of that cliched, faked emotion pile of shit