March 13, 2013 at 1:37 pm

Most Efficient Way to Find Your Next Favorite Artist at SXSW: Playlists


We’re just a little obsessed with SXSW this week, because of course we are. It’s SXSW. There’s nothing else like it in music or tech, and we’re all about both. What did you expect, fake viral videos about race car drivers we’ve never heard of before or penguins falling down? Those are great and all, but this week is all about discovering our next favorite bands, who, as the odds would have it, are almost certainly in Austin right now.

In an attempt to collect the most efficient ways to find your next favorite band at SXSW out of the thousands that are appearing there this week, We’ve gathered these resources from around the internets for your listening pleasure. May you find your next favorite band among them!

Mashable’s Spotify Playlist

This is a good place to start. Mashable made a Spotify playlist consisting of 30 artists worth watching at SXSW Music this year:

NPR’s Austin 100

NPR always does a great job with premiering albums. They also put together a fantastic playlist of 100 songs from SXSW Music 2013 artists. If you want, you can download the whole thing (direct link).

sxsw music 2013 playlist

Entertainment Weekly’s Spotify Playlist

Hey, look, EW made one too. This one has 44 songs:

Rolling Stone’s Playlist

The venerable Rolling Stone put together a 30-song Spotify playlist with its picks. It doesn’t appear to be loading on Rolling Stone’s website, but you can listen to it here:

Meanwhile, Digital Trends Really Went To Town

Most publications put together a single playlist for all of SXSW Music. Digital Trends bucked the trend with six Spotify playlists for slicing and dicing SXSW Music based on what kind of mood you are in (or trying to be in):

“When you feel like vegging out” (Americana, Electronic, Folk, Reggae, Singer/Songwriter)

“When you feel like going nuts on the dance floor” (Genres covered: Dance, DJ, Pop)

“When you feel the good vibes a-flowin’” (Funk, Hip Hop/Rap, Ska)

“When you feel something different” (Avant/Experimental, World)

Photo via Flickr/alexdecarvalho