March 7, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Anonymous Tweets Should Make SXSW 2013 the Snarkiest Ever


SXSW begins tomorrow. In fact, they’re already registering early birds at the Austin Convention Center.

Forces could be aligning to make SXSX 2013 the snarkiest one yet, and we’re not talking about the usual factors, like Twitter usage exploding (especially the hyper-critical kind), drunken gossip, people building up and tearing down whatever “it” app or band traditionally emerges, and every single band in the universe and most of the technology scene making fun of each others’ ideas, clothing, and sunglasses as they stumble down Sixth street staring at their phones.

For the first time, that we can remember anyway, attendees of SXSW 2013 will have a way to say anything they want about each other, anonymously, on Twitter, via SXBackChannel. Enter whatever you want, no matter how snide or catty it may be, and it’ll tweet out on the SXBackChannel Twitter feed without your name or Twitter account attached.

“Anonymously tweet your REAL thoughts on the SXSW people, panels, and parties,” reads the official description on the website, which was itself registered using an LA-based domain anonymizer.

Ruh-roh. This is going to be ugly… hopefully. You can tune in to the snark here, or add to it here.