February 25, 2013 at 2:36 pm

Dan Deacon Gives You Tools To Make an App For His Live Shows

dan deacon music app crowdsourceDan Deacon knocked everyone’s socks off with the live music app he embedded in crowds at the shows on his America (stream it below)  tour.

We had a missed connection in Baltimore and didn’t see that one in action, but we’re not sleeping this time around: Dan Deacon plans to follow that up with an app designed, possibly, by you, right after you finish reading this article. The winning app will get played live, by everyone in the crowd with the app installed, during Dan Deacon’s tour with Animal Collective.

Yes, Dan Deacon has given you the tools – and a song, “Guilford Avenue Bridge” (listen below) — to design your live music app for his tour. On that page, you can design an app yourself, or see what other people have built.

What color do you want everyone’s phones (Android or iOS) to flash when Dan Deacon plays that song live? You can make them do that! At the actual shows! If he picks yours! Cool!

Wham City Lights provides the technology that powers these apps, just like they did last time. Usually, the artist gets to program the lightshow, but Dan Deacon has figured out a way to let everyone else work on it.

Says Dan Deacon (via Javelin),

Six months ago, I created the Dan Deacon app (powered by Wham City Lights) to turn my audience’s smartphones into a synchronized light show. Since it’s a brand new technology and a new way to think about lighting, each night was a trial and error learning experience. In that time I’ve really begun to learn the strengths of the app and what it can do — but I only see it from the stage.

The app is made for the audience to interact with. So the developers and I thought it would be awesome to call on you, my fans, to experiment with the light show itself. For my upcoming US tour with Animal Collective, we will be using light shows generated by fans themselves.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you all bring to the experience — and how you’ll push the app’s capabilities even further!

- Dan Deacon

You heard the man. Go to town.

Also, America rules.