February 7, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Video: RjDj Jogging App Customizes Music as You Run

We had “a sad,” in the internet-ese parlance of our time, when app developer Reality Jockey retired its flagship app, RjDj last fall. The app tapped the mic on your smartphone to incorporate sounds from around your actual person — street noise, conversation, a whooshing subway, or whatever — into thematically-arranged songs. Every time you played them, they sounded different, and you could even record and upload your versions for sharing.

RjDj is gone, but as Reality Jockey CEO Michael Beidenbrucker hinted in September, the company is not giving up on this approach — it’s just, like “pivoting” a little bit. At the MLove Mobile x Music conference in Hamburg, Germany, Beidenbrucker demonstrates one project his innovative company has been working on since then: a reactive jogging app that responds to every moment in your run.

This is the sort of thing we are talking about; we’ve seem jogging apps that tweak the speed of your music based on your pace, but this one also rewrites the music when you stop to let a bus go by:

YouTube Preview Image

Did you ever have that odd sensation that you were in a movie? Well, you sort of are. Security cameras are everywhere, and soon, your jogging routine can have its own custom movie-style soundtrack .

Reality Jockey’s RjDj jogging app isn’t out yet, but when it is released, it’d be nice if it had more than one song. Still, it’s a neat concept. If you want to try something similar from the company now, these are your options:





(via PalmSounds)