• http://twitter.com/K_tenKS Kristen

    The people that do this are just trying to look cool. They aren’t and were never interested in how the band started, how they create and express their ideas, etc. These are the types of people that can’t tell you what it is about the band they like – they just don’t want to be the one who hasn’t heard of the band, and can easily go back to their page and read up on them if their friends mentioned the band. They aren’t music heads – they can’t tell you how Band A’s chord progression in Track 1 moves them, and they are the ones who can’t go head to head on why Band B sucks compared to Band A. Every new trend has a bunch of wannabe followers. This is the latest one!

  • Anonymous

    Kristen, I’m not sure they’re just doing this to look cool, especially since your FB feed is generally a private thing. Sure, they want to look cool because they “follow the band” but I would guess they unsubscribe because, while liking the band, the want to keep their main FB feed clear of stuff other than their close friends. I bet, if FB made it more clear how to have multiple feeds, they wouldn’t unsubscribe, but instead would filter their feeds and make one just for music/bands they follow.

  • jerome

    It’s interesting. Just because I like a band, doesn’t mean i want to hear about everything they do. Most bands updates on Facebook are boring and uninteresting. So kids are doing just what the button says: expressing their ‘like’ for the music and band. What the button doesn’t say is ‘please spam my feeds with your update tours in Kansas i care very little about’.

  • davidbowie

    does anyone actually care though? It’s facebook.

  • http://twitter.com/armchairexp Armchair Experience

    Totally agree with you. How *do* you have multiple feeds then?

  • http://twitter.com/armchairexp Armchair Experience

    This site is about the interaction between music and apps, so it makes sense they care about this. Facebook is one of the biggest ‘apps’ going, like it or not. It could be a steaming pile of rubble in a few years time but right now it’s massive, so people do want to analyse how other people use it.

  • Anonymous

    Facebook calls them “lists”. You can read more here: https://www.facebook.com/help/204604196335128/

  • Demic (Music in Bio)

    I would love to sit in to talk about musicians and social media. I have over 200,000 ppl on all of my Social Media properties