December 10, 2012 at 10:52 am

Wave Your Hands in the Air with Mudit: Free, Open-Source Gestural Music

Gestural music creation — through which one flails about with electronic things attached to one’s limbs in order to make music — have come a long way, even in the past couple of years since we saw someone playing “invisible instruments.”

It’s still the territory of programmer/hacker types, rather than regular civilians, but the day is approaching when the average person will be able to mess around with this stuff — whether as part of a band, or just for fun. Mudit, an open-source hardware (Arduino) and software (Pure Data) project, should hasten the arrival of that day.

Mudit [is] a musical interface, open source, free and clear. [It] allows you make music, record it, play over tracks and loops, fire loops, mood them with your physical expression and more. This video has a demonstration of what you can do with our interface. If you like it go through the tabs of the web to get everithing you need to make your own at home, almost for free.

YouTube Preview Image

We can see Mudit-powered instruments seeing some action at Burning Man or in “art spaces,” but over the next few years, they could find their way into at least some minor tributary of the mainstream.

For something similar in app form (because smartphones have much of the hardware to make gestural music), check out Therimax or Soundgyro.

(via Create Digital Music)