December 4, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Just Hear It’s Playlisting App Looks Great, But…

just hear itJust Hear It made playlist-making quick and painless on the web app a few years ago, with the tagline “any song, legal, free.” The web version pulls music from the web and YouTube, but the new $1 iPhone version can only make playlists from the music on your iPhone.

That’s probably all you need to know.

However, Just Hear It does look good, and if you make (and remake) lots of playlists on iOS — for example, if you “spin” at a bar or club using your iPhone — maybe, just maybe, it could be worth it (if the bugs in this initial version get fixed, that is — see below).

After shelling out a buck and installing the app, you can begin searching for music making playlists. You can search or browse your music by song, artist, or album, with the nifty ability to drag and drop individual songs into playlists. You can also drag and drop to organize songs within your playlist.

To listen to songs, tap them, obvs. You can play songs from the search results, because your list of search results is a playlist as well. This means you can play every song by a particular artist, or a cohesive album…or a bunch of versions of the same song by different artists. You can also change the order of songs, as with other playlists. Browsing playlists and skipping back to the currently-playing track are both simple enough.

Unlike the web app, which pulls audio tracks and YouTube videos from the web, the iPhone app only works with music in your library. Basically, Just Hear It is a music player app that lets you build playlists. For a dollar? Your call.

While giving the app an initial spin, we noticed its similarity to Panamp. They both let you create playlists quickly, they’re both intuitive to use, and they both cost a dollar. One finger is all it takes to use both apps – swiping gestures for Panamp, dragging and dropping for Just Hear It. However, we give Panamp the slight edge for the neat way it organizes your music into cascades. Then again Just Hear It’s interface is a little easier on the eyes.

Then, it happened: Just Hear It began to crash on us — several times, always while adding songs to playlists.

If Just Hear It can fix that bug, we would happily recommend it to anyone who has enough of a reason to look for a new way to build playlists on the iPhone — which, after all, has its own native playlist builder, within the Music app, which is free.

  • Nicolae Ivanescu

    Thanks, it is now fixed!