December 4, 2012 at 1:53 pm

Hypegram Simplifies Hype Machine on Windows and Now Mac Too


Given the plethora of music websites and blogs available, knowing where to begin your search for new music can be confusing. Music aggregator Hype Machine tackles this problem by tracking and posting music from an assortment of music blogs, making it a one-stop-shop for new music (now in app form).

Hypegram stepped in to augment Hype Machine with a $5 desktop music player for Windows in April, to critical acclaim – and as of today, it’s available for Mac too, offering Hype Machine devotees a streamlined way to listen to a stunning selection of music each day.

Offering similar functionality to the Hype Machine, Hypegram simplifies that experience by allowing you to browse and listen to the most popular songs, the latest songs, and songs that are trending on Twitter without ever leaving its compact player. You can also access tracks you have “loved” and the blogs you have subscribed to by signing into your Hype Machine account.

If you don’t have a Hype Machine account, you can still use Hypegram — you just won’t be able to use the loved tracks or blog subscription services.

Once you’re playing a track, you can follow a link to the blog entry where the song was found, so you can read up on it (and give some meager amount of credit to the blog that found it). You can also buy the songs you’re discovering from iTunes (you have to click through) and share them on Twitter.

If Hype Machine already exists, why pay $5 for a desktop app that offers access to it? Obviously, you’d need to be a heavy Hype Machine user in order for it to make any sense. If you are, advantages exist to running it on the desktop. In addition to making it easier to get to, Hypegram’s intuitive interface transforms The Hype Machine into an exponentially more pleasant experience, slimming down the amount of information presented to you to just the essentials, and offering all that new music in a cleaner interface.

  • Jas C

    Just dowbloaded, Ive been looking for something like this, Hypegram is really great!