November 28, 2012 at 1:20 pm

GIF Spinner Is for Memes

gif spinner turntable animated gif

Is your internet palate getting too internet-jaded? Allow us to refresh your sensory overload with GIF Spinner.

Animated GIFs are — actually forget it if you’re not an animated GIF person, because you’ll never wrap your head around GIF Spinner, because there simply isn’t enough time to get you caught up.

For the rest of you: GIF Spinner is but with amazing animated GIFs, and it rules (the Funk Wagon room is particularly good).

It hosts nothing, in terms of your stuff. If you want to build a room, you’ll need to find animated GIFs on the internet (that should be hard!), grab music from SoundCloud, and paste the resulting URLs into GIF Spinner.

In about ten minutes, I crafted this room. You can make your own or watch/hear the others.

“[It's] another spin on tunes in a browser — not quite Turntable[.fm], not quite, but a spin on something else,” said developer Dan Rockwell via email. “Basically. [we're] leveraging two constants on the web: music and animated gifs. Packaged together, it’s a bit of a trip!”

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