November 19, 2012 at 8:47 am

Lady Antebellum Releases Interactive Christmas Duet for iOS

lady antebellum app

Lady Antebellum's "Holly Jolly Christmas" -- now available as an interactive duet for iOS

Music app developer Smule says its apps have been downloaded over two million times. That actually sounds a bit low, considering how long I Am T-Pain spent at the top of the iOS charts.

The reason for that: It actually made you sound like T-Pain, through the use of auto-tune, that Steve Albini-detested method of making voices stay in tune, which can be abused to make us sound sort of like robots, as popularized by Cher and the aforementioned T-Pain.

Last week, the company moved past the idea of helping us sound like the stars towards helping us sing with them. Grammy winners Lady Antebellum have invited their fans to sing a duet — specifically, “Holly Jolly Christmas” — in the Smule Sing app.

According to Smule, Lady Antebellum had been experimenting with dropping in to the Sing app unannounced to perform with fans anyway. This formalizes that phenomenon while giving the group a way to promote its Christmas album.

Singers are advised to complete the entire song for consideration. This is what they will be singing along with.

The band’s favorite performance will win its creator an all-expenses-paid trip to Nashville for a Lady Antebellum concert in December. There’s no announcement about whether the winner will take the stage with the band, but we wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. To go from sitting there recording something onto your iPhone to singing it on stage with a Grammy winner would be quite a ride indeed.

Last month, a singer named Austin Malone tried something similar in Smule Sing on a smaller scale, drawing 33,000 new followers and leading to 8,000 duets. Given that people have heard of Lady Antebellum (by people I mean “me”), this one should do even better.

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