November 16, 2012 at 5:34 pm

How To Unfriend Fans of Horrible Music on Facebook

unfriend music fans

Our readers seem to have mostly enjoyed our handy guide to identifying and unfriending Nickelback fans on Facebook. Nickelback was ideal for that first salvo into music-based unfriending, in part because online music daters voted it the biggest turnoff – but also because their music is terrible.

What about other bands? Or what if you like Nickelback (which, okay, is fine), but cannot stand LMFAO? Or what if you are insane simply can’t abide the Beatles and don’t want to be friends with anyone who likes them?

We figured it was unfair to focus this unfriending technique (see update below) on Nickelback, regardless of their “music.” Here’s how to identify the fans of any band on Facebook, for potential unfriending, mockery, or whatever else you want to do.

1. Think of a band you cannot stand.

For the purposes of this experiment, we will use LMFAO — even though when I tried this tutorial, several friends of mine who I actually like ended up being fans. We are not making any qualitative statement here. This is a straight-up tutorial. Anyway, let’s continue.

(Photo: Flickr/ElHormiguero)

2. Grab their name from their Facebook URL.

Search Facebook for the band in question, go to their Facebook page, and look at their URL in your browser’s address bar. In the case of our example, we see this:


3. Copy that last bit and paste it into this URL.

You want to copy everything after “” in the URL — in our case, that’s:



4. Paste it onto the end of this URL:

so that it looks like this:

Paste that URL into your browser’s address bar.


5. You will see a bunch of stuff that looks like this. Don’t worry, it’s about to get easier.

   "name": "LMFAO",
   "is_published": true,
   "website": "Brand new Party Rock gear-- just added! Everyday we shufflin! Join the Party \u0040",
   "username": "lmfao",
   "description": "Follow us on TWITTER: \u0040LMFAO",
   "about": "Buy Sorry For Party Rocking HERE --->",
   "general_manager": "Ian Fletcher: ifletcher19\",
   "genre": "Electro",
   "band_members": "Redfoo + Sky Blu",
   "hometown": "Pacific Palisades, CA",
   "current_location": "Hollywood, CA",
   "record_label": "Party Rock/Interscope",
   "booking_agent": "Joel Zimmerman at WME: JZimmerman\ *International* Alex Hardee CODA Agency: Alex\ *Europe and Asia DJ bookings for LMFAO and Redfoo/Party Rock Crew: Mikey Malak mikey\ ",
   "artists_we_like": "Hyper Crush, Justice, Michael Jackson",
   "influences": "Jesus...ya know, good without the extra \"o.\"",
   "band_interests": "ass 'n titties",
   "bio": "Our mission is to make the world a party planet, one city at a time.\n\nPARTY ROCK B*TCH",
   "talking_about_count": 343921,
   "category": "Musician/band",
   "id": "19855571496",
   "link": "",
   "likes": 21434065,
   "cover": {
      "cover_id": "10150636274871497",
      "source": "",
      "offset_y": 0


5. You are looking for the “id.”

Nevermind the rest of that code — you want the band’s Facebook ID. This will be about a third of the way down the page for whatever band you cannot stand. It will look like this:


how to find a facebook id

6. Copy the band’s Facebook ID.

In the case of our hard-partying pals LMFAO, the “id” we select and copy is:



7. Paste that onto the end of this URL.

so that it looks like this:


8. Go to that URL.

In the case of our example, that means going here.


9. Now you can see all the people who like the band you hate.

I have blurred the faces and names of my five LMFAO-loving friends, but you will be able to see yours:


What you do next is between you and your conscience.

Update: In some cases, as a friend (and LMFAO fan) points out, you can see your friends who like a particular band by simply going to the band’s page, which is a much easier way to see these people. Mostly, that module appears not to show up, for us anyway — maybe it helps if you are also a fan of that band. Either way, the above technique yields a URL you can share, so that other people can quickly see whether they have any friends who are Facebook fans of a particular band, the way they can with the Nickelback technique. Besides, our way puts those “Friends” buttons right there in a neat row for unfriending purposes.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Oli Dunkley

  • Steve O.

    None of my friends like LMFAO “yet”. Score.

  • Redmastif

    20 friends and 3 like LMFAO.. my life sucks on so many levels

  • Creg Thrmas

    Awesome! I can get rid of all my weird Beatle-loving friends now!

  • Barry Euphorik

    A bit harsh to unfriend someone just because of bad musical taste. Saying that, so tempted to delete everyone who likes X Factor.

    Also, wouldnt it be easier to go to the fan page, look at the box on the right which says Friends and has a list of your friends that like that page? It has a link simply titled “Friends” with the number of friends who liked it. If you click that link it shows you the list.