November 8, 2012 at 5:37 pm

That Awesome Sam Gordon Football Video Has Been Blocked by Copyright Holders

football girl copyright videoWell, that didn’t take long.

Not two hours after we posted our story about the music in the excellent viral video of nine-year-old Sam Gordon excelling on the football field (which appeared over the media today), the video was blocked on copyright grounds.

Update: It’s back, but with different music.

We hope this wasn’t our fault, although in the course of our reporting, we did send out some queries. Soon after the story posted, the video was blocked on YouTube per Warner Music Group, Kolbalt Music Publishing, The Harry Fox Agency, Warner Chappell publishing, and/or EMI.

Why are so many labels and publishers involved? The soundtrack to the video included two songs — one of which was a Jane’s Addiction medley containing covers of The Doors and The Germs, and a Beastie Boys song that was sort of a cover of a Lee “Scratch” Perry song (more here).

Here’s where the video was until very recently:

YouTube Preview Image