November 7, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Printable iPhone ‘EcoStand’: For the Tree-Hugging Hippie in your Life

ecostand iphoneIf you like to stand your iPhone or iPod Touch up on your desk so you can remote-control Spotify, zap music from any app to your stereo, and so on — and you are one of those tree-hugging hippie lunatics who thinks maybe we shouldn’t destroy the only planet where we can currently live in part by throwing plastic all over it — well then, do we have the iPhone stand for you.

You can print the Eco-iP4 stand. No, you don’t need one of those new-fangled 3D printers — just a regular old-fangled one.

Basically, this product is just a regular PDF that you can print on a normal printer, although its creator, Fabio Practicio Filippini (updated — his email address ended with the former version), told that he recommends using an A4 or Letter-sized piece of heavy-stock paper or cardboard — ideally matte, and, idealogically, recycled

ecostand ip4“Eco-iP4 allows you to use the rear camera [to] reduce motion blur [in case you're FaceTiming or Skyping], and, compared to other plastic docks, Eco-iP4 allows the use of the USB cable without stressing it. And it’s completely ecological,” reads the description. “Eco-iP4 has two little ‘wings’ which prevent your iPhone to fall sideways due to excessively powerful ‘slides.’

“Want a landscape stand? No problem! With just two little cuts you’ll be able to hold your iPhone in landscape mode.”

If you live in the U.S. and this sounds good to you, you can buy the Eco-iP4 online — basically means donating whatever you want (Practicio suggests the price of cup of coffee) via PayPal.

However, there is a catch: You will need to know the Italian for “United States of America,” in order to complete the transaction; look for “Stati Uniti” in the dropdown menu.

Bonus: The smugness that comes with explaining to people what this thing is doesn’t cost a cent, and contains no plastic.

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