November 1, 2012 at 2:53 pm

What The World Needs Now Is a 3D Dubstep Controller

The 3D dubstep controller that we didn’t even realize the world needed is a reality, enabling dubstep DJs to flail about on a stage in order to make (their idea of) music (which we actually rather like).

It’s called the V Motion Controller. It is awesome.

YouTube Preview Image

To be fair, this video was posted in July, but we hadn’t seen it yet, so thanks for DJZ (via Karen Allen) for pointing it out yesterday. At a time when the subway tube that leads to our Manhattan office is filled with water and, quite possibly, amphibious rat monsters, this 3D dubstep controller is a nice reminder of what we humans can do when we apply ourselves.

Explains DJZ,

The artists first created the music, and then broke down the track intro its elements using Ableton Live. With custom tech to control the music, they finally synced the lighting with the sound control. The design and experimentation of the massive light controller were months in the making. The motion sensor is a heavily modified Xbox Kinect system, so the controlling the device is similar to playing a game of Fighters Unleashed, only much, much, much, better.

More details, including why you can’t buy one of these, are available here.