October 29, 2012 at 5:25 pm

Relive YouTube Concerts as the Annoying Person Who Filmed Them




Music Hack Day Reykjavik took place this weekend. We weren’t there, but we have been inspecting the creations that emerged from the event, and wow, are we ever impressed — not only by Infinite Gangnam Style, but by other stuff too.

These people made some truly weird things, like Horsify, which contains some of the most hilarious in-app dialogue we have ever seen (example: “Ooh niiice! a hip hop horse! On an average a horse lays 19 dozen eggs in a year.”)

Is it something in the water? Were those Icelandic elves involved? Who knows.

The wittiest entry from this friendly music-hacking competition was arguably OMGig, by developers Johannes Wagener and Lee Martin, which recreates the thrill of ruining a concert for everyone else by holding up a smartphone and filming the whole thing.

Why experience something, when you can document it? And why watch something, when you can pretend to be filming it? We are not prepared to address these questions at the moment, but instead, encourage you to try OMGig, perhaps by sharing a show video with your friends.

To use it, simply grab any live music YouTube URL and swap “omgig.com” where “youtube.com” normally lives in the URL. I did so for footage I actually shot, and it works like a charm.

Not only do you see the video displayed in the smartphone, but you see the blurred out action behind the phone too, allowing you to, in the words of the developers, “watch any concert through the eyes of the bootlegger who sacrificed his own concert experience for all humanity.”