• Matthew – Thrillcall

    Respectfully, while the ambition of this piece and theory is extremely well-placed, researched, and well-written, the reality of the business will always preclude this.

    Unlike text messaging where subscriber count and collusion amongst everyone but the non-market leaders forced interoperability, the music space–as we know is unlike that. One person’s catalog of music is valued way more than another’s beyond just counts of numbers of performers or songs. The music space is about publishing and content; text is/was about communication. No one text message and where it is is read is more valuable than another.

    In regards to Spotify and Rdio, their value is their distribution, return usage and the rates they’ve negotiated with the labels. There is no incentive, in fact there is disincentive from anyone who has built distribution to work with someone inferior thereby building their brand and service.

    Apple will never work with Spotify and it continues to use marketing-speak to threaten it’s position.

    This won’t change in the current landscape; can’t change.

    It’s a reality and while sharing and interoperability utopia is a grandiose and fantastic vision, just like in the branded advertising space or the sports entertainment space, there is value, size and leverage.

  • http://www.globallistic.com J Herskowitz

    You don’t *need* the participation of the current players to make this a reality, although as mentioned I think it is in their best interests to do so. To shamelessly plug… see Tomahawk. Users can drag and drop links from one music service and have it automatically fulfilled by another. Users and bloggers can embed a player that will work for virtually anyone by leveraging whatever service/source they have available (see: http://blog.tomahawk-player.org/post/25996507498/whats-the-big-idea).

    A tweet, post or embed of a song is communication. The goal should be to make sure that message is conveyed as intended… regardless if we have relationships with the same providers.