October 3, 2012 at 1:57 pm

Rhapsody Rolls Out to LG, Panasonic, Samsung Smart TVs

rhapsody smart tv

Television has great potential as the next great music app platform. Today, it took another baby step in that direction, as Rhapsody announced that its $10/month subscribers will be able to extend their unlimited music subscriptions to so-called “smart TVs” made by LG, Panasonic, and Samsung.

“Smart” typically means “WiFi-connected.” But as almost every appliance in the home comes online, that moniker could fade. For now, NPD predicts that 20 percent of new televisions shipped in 2012 will have Wi-Fi connections. Most people who access Rhapsody or any other music service on a television will likely use their accounts on smartphones and computers too, but large television screens offer expanded navigation and visualization options, although the inability to touch the screen to control it remains a limitation.

“Our customers tell us they use Rhapsody differently on their television than they do on their PC, smartphone or tablets,” said Rhapsody senior vice president of product and design Paul Springer in a statement. “So, we prioritized features such as radio stations, favorite tracks, editorial and customer-curated playlists as well as new releases and recommendations.”

Rhapsody also announced that it will add Sharp smart televisions in the coming months, and that it will also be available on Xbox Live as an app running alongside Microsoft’s own Xbox Music service. Notably missing from the line-up: Sony, which has its own music service (as does Samsung).