October 3, 2012 at 2:46 pm

Jimmy Kimmel Live Crowdsources Musical Guests via Ourstage

eclectic approach jimmy kimmel ourstage

Eclectic Method became the first band to win an Ourstage contest to appear on latenight television.

The internets are sending bands onto televisions.

On Monday, a band called Eclectic Approach took the stage on Jimmy Kimmel Live after winning the first in a series of monthly concerts on Ourstage.

This band happens to sound pretty terrible to my ear, but that’s not the point. Any band can enter these contests by submitting music to Ourstage, to be judged by users of the site, with the cream of the crop then being judged by Ourstage’s panel of judges. Like Eclectic Approach before them, the winning band each month will get to play on Jimmy Kimmel Live to a nationwide audience.

What’s not to like? Well, for me, these bros. But again, that doesn’t really matter. The music industry needs more ways to bridge the gap between random bands on the internet and “stars” on television, so I applaud the concept here, if not the music itself:

YouTube Preview Image