October 2, 2012 at 3:48 pm

Spotify’s Data: Brooklyn Is Cool, But Manhattan Comes from the Future (Updated)


Sitting in Brooklyn listening to freshly-released Bon Iver remixes, it comes as no surprise that, according to Spotify’s data about which tracks were shared by New Yorkers, we Brooklyn-dwelling hipsters adhere to “everything new and cool.” Our friends across the water in Manhattan will be pleased to note that their listening habits on Spotify are “ahead of the curve.”

Each borough of New York gets the treatment, as follows:

“Manhattanites have music taste “ahead of the curve”; #1 most shared song is “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers

Hipster residents of Brooklyn dig everything new and cool, like Frank Ocean, Major Lazer, and Twin Shadows

The Bronx is more urban and R&B-driven with Rihanna, Usher and Chris Brown leading the list

Queens <3s pop, including Carly Rae Jepsen and Fun.

Distance matters for Staten Island as their tracks are off-kilter compared to the rest of NYC – a mix of Of Monsters and Men, Flo Rida and Deadmau5.”

You can listen to the songs most shared by each borough here:

Updated: This article originally stated that Spotify’s data looked at listening behavior, but it actually looked at the “tracks shared via social media in New York City by the 5 boroughs over the past few months.” A Spotify spokesman tells Evolver.fm that the data came from active shares, as opposed to passive scrobbling.

  • Mike

    I strongly disagree with this. The Lumineers, Hey Ho? Thats ahead of the curve? Frank Ocean is way more ahead and the music it self is way more ahead of the curve than what the Lumineers offer. Someone should recheck what is actually the future, The Lumineers are just like any other folk band out there.