September 26, 2012 at 11:10 am

Twitter Is Not Piggybacking on Amazon Affiliates – Just iTunes

After discovering that Twitter is apparently replacing users’ iTunes affiliate links with its own affiliate link in iTunes previews on (see here and here), we figured we’d try to see if the same thing is happening with Amazon affiliate links. It is not.

To test this, I tweeted a link to a book I once wrote on Amazon using my old Amazon affiliate ID :

amazon twitter affiliate

Unlike the iTunes affiliate links we tested earlier, this one was not replaced by Twitter by what we think is’s wdId, 32800. Instead, my Amazon affiliate ID remained intact.

For now, all of those Amazon affiliate marketers can keep tweeting links without worrying about Twitter stealing — or rather annexing — some of their thunder.

However, unless we are wrong — and the multiple people at Twitter we have contacted about this have yet to tell us that we are — it’s a different story.