September 25, 2012 at 11:18 am

Revamped Stereomood Asks Users How They Feel, Responds with Music (Updated)

The soon-to-be-released Stereomood web player

Stereomood, “the only music-by-mood streaming service on the web to solely feature music from independent artists and/or labels,” plans to unveil a redesign soon that will ask people how they feel, and then attempts to return the proper music.

(Our own Andy Cush recently tried to make Stereomood make him angry and succeeded to a degree.)

The new version of Stereomood (free for Android, iOS, and the web), which scrapes 150 music blogs and turns them into mood-based playlists, now includes the following:

  • Artist bios with concert listings, powered by Songkick
  • Social sharing of mood-playlists, through Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest
  • Redeveloped mood search engine – users are now able to search ‘by mood’ to find the perfect playlist through a dedicated search bar labelled ‘I feel…’
  • Editorial boxes across the homepage, including news, blog links, site tips and contests
  • Numerous stylistic features, such as custom background images, more profile design options

In addition, the new Stereomood will let people submit their own songs to the service, so long as those songs have been uploaded to somewhere else on the internet first, which could offer up-and-coming artists a new way to get heard. And when it comes to these new social features, listeners will be able to share customized playlists from Stereomood to the above-mentioned social networks.

This new version has yet to go live, but has some early screenshots of what the web app will look like (updated: the new Stereomood website is now live):

And here’s Stereomood’s video preview of the new features:

YouTube Preview Image