September 25, 2012 at 4:34 pm

Music Blogs: Little Engines Power Big Things So You Can Be Lazy

New Interfaces

The following music blogifiers deviate from the old-school methodology of including a long list of posts by slapping a new, often intriguing interface onto them — or by slicing and dicing the world’s music blogs in a new or unique way.

We Are Hunted (web, Spotify, Android, iOS [mobile web only], Winamp): This oft-imitated, tiles-in-a-grid, side-scrolling interface shows you, at a glance, what people are talking about on blogs (and Twitter). If you want to delve into a particular area, you can visit the emerging, mainstream, remix, rock, alternative/indie, pop, electronic, folk, metal, or rap/hip-hop charts. Other options include playlists, based on popular, most played, and most shared. Or, if you’re really lazy, which of course you are, because the robots are supposed to do much of this sort of work for us now, you can click the Discovery tab to create a playlist based on your Facebook profile, Twitter handle, a wizard that asks you to rate tracks, or an instant playlist that asks you to input an artist. No matter what you’re doing, the interface looks pretty great.

we are hunted

We Are Hunted (web version)

Stereomood (web, AndroidiOS): This newly revamped entry takes the novel approach of asking how you feel, then responding with a mood-based playlist. Or, you can decide how you feel — or how you want to feel. All of the playlists are based on 150 music blogs, and the company claims that all the music comes from indie bands or labels. However, given the ties of most “indie” labels these days to major labels, and that even stalwarts like Trent Reznor have signed with majors, we’re not so sure about that. Regardless, it’s a fascinating way to put hundreds of music blogs into your ear with a click of the mouse or a tap of the touchscreen.


Stereomood (web version)

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